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The Nas-Encari Shrine (Not On Label 2018)

   Spell-bounding tunes reveals slowly on eerie based levels that someone needs to open their ears a bit for one trained pianist performer in Classical background choose to crossing the border between sanity and chaos madness while his fingers not just tipping to the tunes but already marks the mixtures of evil-noises blending sessions over the Electronic Music by genres moods of several terrifying atmosphere spreads awake or dark figure on the front cover pictography sense occultism controls grime and awaits for steps from people of blind-marchers to slips and fell for the trap of demonic possession must be recognizable by buggers through The Pilgrimage sounds by Ian Haygreen pursuing ka’bah of mecca as the western version of moon worshiping in instrumentals music project like this release. 

   Black-est pitch and hardly, lights out temple standing under the sundown and starry like diamonds choirs the soundscapes of experimental Avant-Garde via Dark Ambient and Modern Classical found inside the compositions that denies the cross and the rosary but older gods law-written and spoken while the adventure imaginary comes and go take turns telling Ascent of The Burdened Souls, Narus of The Quietus, Voice of The Daiphaite, Procession of The Initiated and Cathedral of Chalzagur may closely, followed by the early Christians and pagan descendents as the personal beliefs without intrigue. Pagan people shall never ever die as long the planet still grows and nourishing itself.

Breathing ancient historic of mesopotamia and other first culture civilizations leaves wisdom and knowledge among music.

The Pilgrimage: