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The Leper Colony (Temple Remote Records 2002)

You might never know about this talented act on basic local Hip-Hop of British as acclaimed emerging Joel and DJ Log stumble the open mic night as Joel The Custodian being parts of Indianapolis DPS before went critical to turning as Mars Ill while UK gping back trip finally, made him the Michaelis Constant with Rich, Damaj and Tutall of the eight element group rapping at the new materials and the oddball continues to spawn as spiritual and jocular proven of dark matters album went to reality within the alive of Hip-Hop developments via Gondwanaland release. 

With various stages completion to over five hundreds occasions for supporting acts did the task force to shares their intelligent products or boom-Rap middle of the road, street style and slab wax fitting innovative to the rhyming, the lyrics and the scratch play from DJ Muammaer testament effects or the very strange front cover fairy hybrid stick figure with wings as Phil Jackman composed to Tom Livemore co-production overall thus choices among Phantom, SpeakPraise – Instrupella, Pre-National Anthem, Lifeblood – featuring III Seer & Testament; Robot + Shadow, Naked Brain – The Revellers Remix onto Synopsis if you prefer to let yourself listening entirely on this – just feel bloody amaze fine. 

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