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The Kolyma Route (Candlelight Records 2017)

   There’s no room for misinterpretations here about the title-album over Black Drapes For Tomorrow means in reality; the burden gloom and Gothic-Rock darkness within kinds of melancholy and blackened metallic to Death Metal melodic crusher tempos did given the total amounts of amend fixation as well as the harmonic track-song to the double pedals devastation under the spellbound vocals of male force powering the enlightenment formats off Davide Straccione on vocals, Gabriele Giaccari to Raffaele Colace for the double guitars; Matteo Capozucca on bass guitar to Emilliano Cantiano behind the drums facing you to their growlers extremities meet thus melodies of strings programming not really manipulating the essential photoshop for the mystical cover with the female figure looking down the hill to the hell-pit opening over the territory as lurking installment of pagan-themed ritual music bares the authority of conservatism minds to be blown away via this.

   Eleven tracks and powerful production from Shores Of Null of Rome, Italy makes those vibrant Doom Metal to aggression flag-vibes sounding epic-ridden for patterns towards Donau, Tributary Waters, Tide Against Us, House Of Cries, The Enemy Within onto We Ain’t Ashes, A Thousand Storms and Death of a River crosses boundaries of depressions to blooming as the results following these echoed metal doomy gifts of dark Gothic metal symphonic.

Black Drapes For Tomorrow: