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The KGB Steaks (Independent 2017)

   Wait… is that Billy Joe new outlook vocals singing but nah, it’s the newest installment off the catalogs from Toronto’s Indie Pop-Rock processing group named themselves as The Danger Bees doing the catchy checks on reality charts for good listening people to know their works and thus baby-snatcher bird within Fish With Wings through the bluest sky trying to play their wishful thinking soft comedy on top-forty elements that charging the maker on Dartmouth, NS originated crew of David MacMichael on piano/lead vocals, Matt Leitch on lead guitar, William “Josh” Gillard did the rhythm guitars, Hugh Wilson guiding the bass-line rhymes to the man behind the drum-sets Andrew Bartle formatting for the band in being inclusive almost for not being quite handsome performing to teen choice award or such like the sky-pirate of the beach. 

   These Ontario young musicians may relevantly, caught your attention via the good melodic Pop-Rock modern performance as Messenger goes pops on your radio or stereo play onto Matthew Damon, Courier Career, Summer of Dean 2014 as well as Fall Apart or Apologize interesting by the track-listed corporate claiming extensive further likes from the girls and the fun-loving guys and gays to lifting the band’s generosity maker quest for Alternative Pop scene newer posts – their best album ever.

Fish With Wings: