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The Bay At (Ache 2011)

   Mummy howling sounds not sights may erupting the begin-timid of this operator or owner of the record company independently, creating his throttle as Andy Dixon approaches from the depth of the unknown as a figure not reclaiming a winner or screwer but more like an epidemic of stratosphere poisoning on idle personal movements music by the resting of listeners with no other choices but hearing this non-spectacular sitting man weird smiling like-youtube channel creeping distort sounds and ambient noise slowly creeping in your back-boned humanity as being lost inside the mall entrapment at the evening means terrifying and frightened and yourself trying to find the way out gasping for freedom again but Electronic IDM won’t let you pass the test. The silence and the non-human feelings enshrouding as the things displays inside started to seeing you as illegal being and suddenly, the musical play for The Mall recording in beats and strange insecurity while you running out of time span; the hope and faith hanged in the air but the rest of disadvantages and the fate sealed within the loss of you to communicates with the outside world except reading the local map for handling your situation now.

   Clothing Racks (Sears), Erin Tells Me About Shoes, Um I’ll Think About It (Holt Renfrew), I’ll Be A While (A Rest at Fountain by The Elevator), Thank You So Much (The Body Shop) or Whining Child (Food Court) relapsing the visual effects on and off the daily walks and shopping time with your Secret Mommy several days ago before you fell asleep inside the dressing room interchange and interlocks to open another small dimension that sucked your existence to the lowest limit of interplanetary music display universe before kicked back to the empty closed building of capitalism market spots or fun reacts of the youthful crowds at heart. 

The Mall: