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Tater Tots (Bandcamp 2019)

   Do you remember the better days when songs may sounded closer to perfection for gets your attention feels like those were made for the soundtrack of your daily life means a lot not to mentioned as the Singaporean crew of Forests made their own disappointment stories inspiring thus trio to Xeroxing themselves onto melodies harmonic troops and tellers on catchy simple English lyrics with Adam, Darrell and Niki background youth picturing themselves in front of national favorite of expensive capitalist symbol of marina bay sands or such but you will loving them by listening once. Mixing the Emo-Pop with Progressive Math-Rock and Midwestern Punk twinkies – you’ll finding them complex on their saturnine audio musical performance. 

   Spending Eternity In A Japanese Convenience Store seems to be a dream that exists today and may your experience on Kawaii Hawaii, Perfect Worst Team Ya Know ?, This Town Needs Fun, Cirrus Clouds and I Miss Your Dog (More Than I Miss You) reveals the some moments caught the entire living of How Leaving Coming Along to Singaporeans produced a year. 

Spending Eternity in a Japanese Convenience Store: