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Super Legit Official Teaser (Rock Ridge Music 2014)

   Humor and funny Metal-Core of comedies tuning based from Chicago of loving criminals rockheads likes to eat, playing shows with too much beers and jager and exploding snow-drive over the formation of Rawrb on vocals, The J on guitars, Schmalex on drums and Matty J “Moose” on bass guitar happens to combining their Weird Al to Pantera crunching laugh-riffs loudest as insanity sacking your shelves on viral sensation to forget not really easy at most as the bashing IV: Revenge Of The Vengeance from the band named Psychostick near miss shall making your parents cry by contextual that modern rock music is delivering nothing but heaviness and twisted garbage and the mad war-head man riding the blue collar rhino on a fighter jet means a lot for describing these Illinois’ twenty-one tracks listing of nutty dreadful seminal on the continuity of SOAD on their most outrageous embarrassing moments on playing the metallic tinged and Hardcore eruptions via Hi-Flat, Obey The Beard, NSFW, Awesome, Loathe Thy Neighbor, Danger Zone onto Choking Hazard or Bruce Campbell and Dimensional Time Portal leads the enormous amount of those funky but Death Metal punches ready to make you and the spectators battling the black and blues mosh-pit; turning humanity onto Dogs Like Socks as So Heavy.

IV Revenge Of The Vengeance: