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Southern Rain (Frontier/L.A 2007)

   His reality career as the one of those American AOR and Melodic Rock song-writer/singer/musician from Orlando as the July-nians born person carries on the good works just like the soloist records to The Transformers: The Movie animated of the eighties or later on  dubbed Sailor Moon soundtrack and The Wraith but you need to assuring that the man himself did pretty much well mixtures of Hard Rock and Pop-Rock caught not bad attentions from the popular listener fans and Stan Bush might got his fully-length touches on releasing the owned materials for In This Life like we all being brought to the next level of peaceful dimension and natural outfit artworks and realm that we never encountered before even in our dreams. River clear flows, greener trees, bluish sky and ticking clock of age blending serenity via the Pop-Rock catchy and nice vocals on I Can’t Cry, I Got A Thing For You, This Moment, The First Time, Long Long Way and Over You must be too good to be left behind your driving paths these weekend holiday and off-from works picking time with your dream girls hitching a ride. 

In This Life: