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Sons Of Freedom (Atlantic 1998)

   Maybe their most promising of non-Led Zeppelin songs included track-recording album for the non-secretly touring duo now as formerly, English rockers Robert Plant and Jimmy Page crossing farther writings and arranging their own and only personal record under this labeled name as Plant and Page goes on for the magical mystical mysteries compositions over Walking Into Clarksdale which perhaps, can really be considered as the lost tape of historic time lapse somewhere in the golden era of Led Zeppelin and looks like found in the middle of nowhere place inside the middle earth library as Modern Rock flows and clearly interlocks to the Classic seminal-Acoustic sessions of old musicians trying not to digging more fame but shines as they’re already golden as Robert Plant’s voice still sounding raspy and high cleans while Jimmy Page plays seemed to be kept in a bottle jar sprinkling greater magic as symbols ablaze added younger musicians: Charlie Jones on bass guitar/percussion and Michael Lee (drums, percussion) for the team to the memorable audience listening over When The World Was Young, Shining in The Light, Upon a Golden House, Please Read The Letter to Most High and Heart in Your Hand to Whiskey in The Glass which might shortly covering the decades of their career from the first record to carouselambra and In Through Out The Door looking for reflections.

There’s limitless levels for those whom looking for the balance sounds in between softer songs and the hardest choruses here.

Walking Into Clarksdale: