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Solid Void 2 Parts (Cascine 2018)

   Songs written carefully, soft and arranged not too quickly seems at to be compared the results but beauty cannot hiding forever as Nandi Rose Plunkett might never really forwarding this recording package produced or arranged by herself with Adan Carlo and Zack Levine helped too by David Tomei but the keyboards and vocals that sounding cold but mysterious and also interesting unique well being discovered back to its path for sharing thoughts and music beats over thus wiser steps that being taken by the girl from Brookyln, New York and her experimental Alternative Pop or Chamber Pop or even Indie-Synth artistic musical projecting the Electronic-zap moody rings for being called Half Waif on herself there presenting Adan Carlo bass/guitar performance to live drums by Zack Levine behind the figure of your fascinating calm girl with her brownish dark hair grows longer and the Lavender prophecy album compositions as catharsis much being fulfilled in transcendent dealing onto grief or the diaspora intricate feelings renewed onto a strong figure of female singer blazing whispers and softened vocals for Lilac House, Silt, Back in Brooklyn, In The Evening, Keep It Out or Torches and Ocean Scope remarkably, sounded expressive, slow-beats groovy and talented spreading a whole new lights as recommended for the enclosure next genre loving listeners looking for a balance soul to trust for.