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Smack Dab Sababa? (Guitars And Bongos 2011)

   The Return of The Russian Frogmen that Died and Came Back to Life as Strange Looking Radioactive Creatures may offending the ruskies about the past cold war jokes written as poetic tones by Charlie Megira & The Modern Dance Club also offending white folks over thus a filthy white wife sucking jerky big penis in orals sex session for a black guy but their music sounded awesomely, so sixties romantic and the groove seems caught the essential beats for rock dancing of the oldies to drunk and swinging partners like you can imagined how gross it is but when it comes to the young folks, yes – the distortion blasts on Rhythm of hate shortest as fifty-nine seconds sounding like broken tunes of all the way destruction Hardcore Punk beliefs anthem while more Surf-Rock and Psychedelic offering Pop-Rock will definitely, stuck those image back to the front cover and orgy atmosphere fills the crowds while listening to “elvis on drugs” on the Love Police’s entire thirty-one tracks mixed in Jaffa, Israel for the strangeness, Garage Rock mixed with materials convents as homicidal trial through the 50’s Art-Noise primitive forms, futuristic Shoegaze rolls and Ambient jazzy Heavy Metal ala first formation of Deep Purple – even when before they naming themselves Deep Purple is here to blow your mind.

   Confronting the idealistic ideas about interracial dirty god-forbid sexual intercourse foreplay and separation of experiments and commercialism for pigeonhole genre means only manliest gatefold enters by thus the only chosen few whose throwing their fucking conservative minds out right on the welcome mattress before going in for the sinful dimensional trip of your soundtrack of boring life marriage. 

More knowledge via Here Comes Your Mama, Ode to a Cocksucker, Homeless Body and Street Machine pleasantly, sinned to make you sperm-balls boils !

Love Police: