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Slaughterhead Holocaust (Pitch Black Records 2014)

   Forming late but never bother to despise how modern Extreme Metal hated god fanatically, as the worship explosions of Death Metal breaking ties within this Nicosia, Cyprus troops unit made possible to the addition for their underground scene morbidity is Panos Larkou and Khatch Yildizian holder of firing hellish hands cooperation creates and written the filthy arrangements and compositions for the non-selling grinds of sound barrier makes you all bleeding fast and collapses by the exterior thoughts reveals from the malediction of imperfection following the dark tower presence in multiple places spotting the intrigue world and kingdoms at war with each other over greed, territorial and women as well as blasphemous over god’s almighty creations and holy bible must a prior to them all as insane Metal-Heads obey Mastering The Art of Killing.

   There’s no churches or altars burnt yet but sets-out to be there will be retaliation for every single cursed mission or failure of occupations that used to be under the cross blessings. May these corroding tracks in growler and grinder acts forever stays stronger as one would gladly, hearing Project Mayhem, Forthcoming Apocalyptic War, Forced Mutilation towards Nekropound, Commencing Assault and Immense Catastrophe equals more hatred on humanity whose always thinking that they can existing like everlasting but surely, not for long before more joining the troops of tomorrow darkness cult or die miserably by the sword of Vomitile; the new conqueror.

Mastering The Art of Killing: