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Skinin Swindled (Not On Label 2010)

   As then delivers to the presence of this lesser-known Emo-Rock and non-popular troops from Delaware as consisted for Andy Rapp, Brian Miller, David Rushman and Matthew Turner as being called My America Is Watching Tigers Die really captures a big complicated meaning to directly relates the typo-language fixtures but yet, the late Halloween picturing costumes of those ugly kids listening to a very heavy seminal metallic tunes like Hard Of hearing, Dead Celebrator or even Travis goes on for about two minutes more or lesser than that plus onto progressions making in four minutes duration as Goner breaks or the last number eight track calls Everybody Loves Nails mean to finishing by Hardcore/Grunge/Thrash and Skate-Punk semi-underground music grinds forwarding this recording production on Hurry Up And Chill right on top to down roots hardest riff-age; from the lyrics and all music distorting repent-less targets in modern catastrophic day’s miserable points. 

Hurry Up and Chill: