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Skill Point (Retrogames 1980)

   Nostalgia as impressed be would a design that always stuck to your gaming days where retained creations off retro LCD Casio CG-300 of Handheld Game and Watch not only so detailed but also having its high resolution, no visible pixelation and colour noise as originally resourcing out of your memory one day remembers the thing you brought to school or borrow elevates this 1980’s single screen series of Western Bar skillful left-right button to the fire positioning for our tough cowboy entering the bar and make some trouble before turning to cry-baby – shoot everything that moves thrown by the bartender as other complaining pissed customers stand-up and trying to hurt the main character scores before suddenly, a bad bandit shown up in town and goes for the bar within thus Piano-music or Saloon songs instrumentals. Everyone’s hiding while the sheriff in town fighting the bandit "the stand-off way" to take the chance and shot the opponents as funny noise will be heard by the jumping silly bandit after three times shot or the cowboy did the glasses, plates and also crying after being shot or had either apple or coffee cup on his head. Operates easily and the Desperado songs shifting scenes to avoids ashtray and ensues the drunken beer bottle can stop the dynamite from blown up the palce as well had you a fancy time playing. 
   So just remember not to spend too much time playing or you’ll be addictive like kids before you, partner. The General Guide, The Gunfight and The Failure can be read by the Operation Manual as well as Game Composition as well that famous wanted poster for $ 25,000 for the crook !