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Shore Power (Silver Arrow Records 2015)

   Straight out but not seemingly, farther behind or forwarding steps of how the rocking career of Chris Robinson felt on ashtray by leaving the portraying legendary aims after calls his crowes crews quits because later on the continuing of his shades still can be easily captured for The Chris Robinson Brotherhood which consisting of the good musician picks and friends like Adam McDougall, Jeff Hill, Neal Casal, Tony Leone as well as George Sluppick or Mark Dutton completed the formation there and for the marks of him looking good and tough on vocals fronting as usual; you might wanted to add their releasing album of Betty’s Blends Volume Two for your collections.

   Harmony vocalizations, vibrating softener tunes to thus smooth kinds of Bluesy and sweet Rock N’ Roll mixture and blends of fully comforting Southern-based Country Rock that sounding slower but never fail to mesmerizing your ears would be discovered through the flying mythology figure of bison riding by a magical elf and fusion goes further as Rosalee, Vibration and Light Suite, They Love Each Other, Tumbleweed in Eden and Burn Slow walking in hypnotizing psych-fidelity awesomeness fits or the evening quiet time where one shouldn’t go out but stays the same focusing for life stories and the continuous of the day after tomorrow. 

Betty's Blends Volume Two: