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Secret Dead Boy (Diablo Records 2016)

   The female front-woman sounding similar to describing your favorite bitchin’ acts like Brody of Distillers enough standing to cover her friends performance that for sure danceable silly as crazy manic to hear on your late night bar stripping hour with few lesser bastards attending as Al Ezren and Don Mihon rhyming hard for Clockwork Lillith for Rockabilly sounds groan before sucking your blood as they’re thirsty force lust might won’t stopping until daylight comes as the band arrives at nine sharp to the place – showing up with their white fangs and charm looks for attractions to lost soul audience like you to be lured close and snapped by them. 
   Feel free to fall in love on her as well as the energetic fast Psychobilly Garage Punk-Surf aces in the process but Clockwork Psycho surely, admitted that as titled I Don’t Give A Fuck – really means they don’t give shit for what you are as long they’re liking it and as long you got more blood for feeding this vampire bloodsucking freaks rock-heads up. 

Be brave enough to facing Library of Abandoned Hope, Running with The Demons, Sweet Dreams or Corpse That Stayed or After Midnight there on your stereo system !

I Don't Give A Fuck: