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Scitzoid Bop A Lula (Diablo Records 2015)


   Do many aliens really com in peace or did they’re all the same invading creatures as like loving Rockabilly and Garage Punk like how The Saucer-Mens tells the entire family as they’re goes infiltrating through the stereo system by sounds of performing tunes written by the hybrid green man mixed up DNA of humans liking to make threats and kidnapping hot sexy blond girls of planet earth seems to be not just a sci-fi tales ?

   The answer not really concluded but you might find some of their secret plans up too no good via the Realite Ou Fiction that sounded not really fictions. Wearing thus sport-teams school teenage with hideous alien face and slicky hair with driving their high technology flying saucers that flown off million miles from somewhere around Saturn and came here for only one purposes which is making terrible dancing music of Punk-Psychobilly in weirdest ways and breeding the female creatures to gaining more of their sickest colony on the blue planet as being told via tracks rocking funny strange like Torture, Beach Girl, Bang Bangs, L’Onclesam, Surfin’ Zorch, Old Black Joe and Gougouttes Volantes or Russ Meyer means shitty things this way comes in form of major insider attacks from our own pop culture hypnotic music for mass mind controls from the outer space kinds. 

Realite Ou Fiction: