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Scar Glass (Grr Records 2005)

   In their haunting broods guitar-backed to the inspirations elements of the dancing Folk/Goth/Industrial rocking closer as influences as despair, struggle and redemption swearing intact by the melodic driven keys to vocals and orchestral combinations this Chicago’s band Leper is your Illinois offering towards the demonized church of the haunts via Kreischen - the album debuting as thus depressing tunes always floating and make a good impression for half-dead voices to yelling or moaning for the embracing night of hallows eve for all through the intense beats carries by Monster, God Hater, Just Like You, In Love with The Fall, Festering to Photosensitive as used to be dreaming on the deader thoughts for beginners thinking about If Everything Was Green or My Friend The Ghoul really embracing thrill in sensual goth Romantisistic lyrics of suicidal by fists fight with your guts just like the room movie for Goth-semi glam extremist of Heavy Metal heads.