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Salt & Light (Centricity Music 2014)

   Keeping her christian-based influences and contemporary of american music onto becoming a newer singer/song-writer as the answer for kinds of Taylor Swift furor famous sensation being counters by this honest, softer and religious-thoughts remarkable stuff written for Lauren Ashley Daigle path to her international making ways to become someone in recognition. 

The Lafayette, Louisiana born girl launches her debut on peaceful stories and tales about daily living experienced by herself through all the times and becoming a first viewing eye-sights for people whom crossing path to her presence shine singing acts even though the similarity coincidence for young Adele of the US soil kept her figure under the shadowy as the voice sounded alike by fate. 

   One shall loving this seems to be not really full Christian active song-writing but the beauty melodies knitting and arranged into her self-inner gorgeousness and talents cannot stop hiding the girl’s talents to be shared to the world via How Can It Be. Listen all of them and may your spirits will gain back again since as My Revival, Loyal, Trust In You, First, Here’s My Heart as well as I Am Yours and Come Alive (Dry Bones) or O’ Lord (album version) shall grateful to hear by many hopeless encouragement on finding their answered questions about the mystery of life in no time to love the next project out this lovely girl with much talents. 

How Can It Be: