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Rovescia Alla (Tuono Records 2006)

Newest recording and the show-up reactions to let the world seeing that Neo-Fascist Skinheads still well alive and rebelling around Milan, Italy would give some democrats and liberals a shameful feelings for the scumbags to find their way back crawling in another recording products as bringing their racist philosophy and Christian-based fundamentalist to the surface and young minds for recruiting more followers done within this Oi/Punk Rock messages all most written in local lyrics but monotonous as usual. 

Go read the news on the fresh morning paper telling that O.F.F. is their latest release and A.D.L 122 is your main threats convulsing the complex and complicated diversity within their pollutant truth or dare suggestions and commands for the fools or the brave as one should decided while cranking in Mi Ricordo, Certo Mi Lamento, Birra Calcio E Oi!, Ansche Se Tutti…, Non Mollare Mai as well as Skateniamoci and Una Storia Americana – feeding hatred, thoughts and recent developments on socio-politics from Europe to the pacific and might heard the news about the flicks of war of class and skin-colors prejudice mixed onto one single hatred reason again.