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Routine Medicine (Anti- 2018)

   As earliest as printmaking of Lamar Dodd School of Art visual artist Kristine Leschper doing her solo project by the Georgia-based visual and simultaneous inspiring strong ethic focusing intense or creative pursuing as self-taught multi-instrumentalist influenced by Interpol to Sufjan Stevens and the Alt-Rock legend Neutral Milk Hotel develops the inner sociable but solitaire musical tunes for non-traditional exhibit of quiet linear formats with Drew Kirby, Matthew Andreregg and McKendrick Bearden forcing this Psychedelic Folk Rock seminal soften for natural based background of surroundings issues on her side is the Render Another Ugly Method from Mothers basically, temporary and almost tinitest voice to erupts within the songs like Pink, It’s a Pleasure to be Here, Blame Kit, Baptist Trauma and Mutual Agreement to Wealth Center/Risk Capital just like your story for queuing behind a longest line for free getting on something as overpopulation are motherfuckers to modern rubbish life ! 

Render Another Ugly Method: