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Rose Shotgun Vrsn (Bandcamp 2014)

   Like the farthest range took away while the man himself proclaiming the solo-music project means nothing but contemplation for the restless soul to be free digging deeper the deranged sound team movement to sunset project that now being blended there under Bill Baird’s lonely travelling mind-walks on learning back history of his own favorable influences artists naming since the first time towards nowadays; as we found out this fun and merrier album records of a variety on cover versions and re-touched on some legendary acts in a pass decades so far.
Experimental Psychedelic Rock and Lo-Fi contrary gives the audience a performance sweeter and smooth as cute as the male Pop singers from the youth age of the 60’s and 70’s and the newer stars. The cassettes or disc contains of the works from Bill Sings Will suggesting the drinks and bar-singing kinds of condition where Getting Jiggy with It – Nyquil Overdose Remix from Will Smith for the opener followed by Billy Joel’s Piano Man, Mister Lee from Willis McClung, Willie Nelson, Bob Willis, Will Rigby to Will Oldham brought the piece of rebel thoughts being contaminated through the fair judgment from San Antonio – Texas, reflections and fading blurred stories to tell all to public but secrets kept inside. Let’s sitting doen the grass and measure your guitars; one shall find how sad and depressing this lot truly build - all about the famous singer named Will. 
   The questions asked with the answers like the shy girl’s lips riding the pack of lazy cows for the home-coming celebrates a debate for So You Wanna Be My Thrash Compactor and Sad Songs and Waltzes and Performance sounded like teaching rather than preaching. Whether it’s Right Or Wrong as well as Yesterday’s Wine comes to surface of your private radio channel late that night be pleased and praise that the honest track lasted would be I’m a Cinematographer try to doing best to entertains the entire world of smaller, medium and bigger as equal.

Bill Sings Will: