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Room And Board (Slovenly Recordings 2018)

   Take your Garage Rock collection out and check again if this year you already got Th’ Losin Streaks not for the pages on myspace directing faked friends but the real cut off yourself with Matt K. Shrugg, Mike Farrell,  Stan Tindall and Tim Foster pulling their socks out while the rest of the equipment goes to the nearest garbage place thrown like an unimportant things that used to backing them up but the second recording legs meaning that the faster van and melodic and harmonic harshness not niceness went to the chart of basket case figurines as Rock N’ Roll bursts in your face hard as This Band Self-Destruct In T-Minus release went devastating to the college students and free-thinkers and New Yorker neighboring and Psychedelic non-peace loving Punkers greets your ears within Trouble Find You, To Die For, You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down, Time Has Come and You’ll Never Know or even My Disease correcting the mistakes made been from the decades before them comes and selling tickets to ride the wave but sometimes; the fame and jock fans did really put your reality down except you got stronger heart to carry on and rock the globe whatever you can like the new generation of pacifism Order Of The Day. 

This Band Will Self-Destruct In T-Minus: