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Riot City (Dirty Water Records 2018)

   As the fierce time-throttle to the incarnation aspects over thus liking on the old Punk-Rock and Goth-suicidal side effects brought to the mainstream world by The Damned, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and The Dead Boys but after the dying breeds and the end of the era comes the circle of dark-ling Goth-Rock in Punk clothes again and this time it’s your new sensation for Rock N’ Roll storming the wildest and erupts the audience seats for this 21st century shockers straight from Cleveland – Ohio with Songs From The Lodge – here’s Archie and The Bunkers trying to scratch the reality life of your bored breathing existence by writing down the horror tracks and spreading soft terror leading on Hi-Fi organ punks and melodic of Garage Rock via She’s a Rockin’ Machine, Fire Walk with Me, The Roaring ‘20s, Lost Of Today, 122 Hours of Fear and Laura kinds of reminding us to The Misfits vocals sending the bluesy horrific themes onto days after days even when it isn’t October. Don’t be trickster by this project duo really measured only for an American duet of Cullen and Emmett O’Connor coloring fun backgrounds. 

Songs From The Lodge: