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Requiring Hand-Drawn (Broderbund 1984)

   Fighting games for computer develops under the originality platform of 2D from Apple II and Atari 7800 or even game boy later on is this little less legendary but quickly famous among kids gamer of the eighties era as the introduction of an unnamed hero whose ascending the mountain of Akuma’s Fortress – an evil lord of fighters whom held a beautiful blonde princess inside his secret barrack which acquires the fighter in Karateka to entering and fight the guards one by one until he can find and releasing Princess Mariko from foes appearance and stance of enemies surrounding her on the great fortress.
Directs punches and kicks while trying to dodge give you a chance to adding life-health but every hit will decrease the recovering slower in combat. Progress is a must and there’s no turning back once you reaching the top of the entrance door immediately, until the end to win or die, that’s the only choice you got to attack or ducks. 
   Within the publishing as previous or modernized by versions of D3Publisher and cover arts designed by Jordan Mechner; this single-player game accompanied by the instrumental music sounds of synthesizer keyboards like mostly, suspense or thrilling like Japanese meets New Wave horror tracks creates and credited from Mechner’s father works when you fought the guards level-ups to facing Akuma before the last battle before him is to fight the trained big hawk and dressing up in Japanese cultural background is the boss himself having more health level than you did but with eager works and total confidence – finally, you can defeated that fatal rival. Always run towards to the princess and own her warmth kiss not sneaking slow and get kicked by her and wounded left to die in vain. 

That’s how you play Karateka ! That’s how !