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Really Got Me (Island Records 1978)

   Robert Allan Palmer was the artists and singer for British Pop-Rock and co-working musicians that grows the attention not only because of the involvement in The Power Station as turning to Lugano, Switzerland naturalized citizen were born Batley, Yorkshire and most talented to his own soloist act as Robert Palmer on his fourth categorizing kinds of mixture musical project in the late seventies era for Double Fun that might be doubling up your flavors to listening for delighted good taste over Funk, Soul, Reggae-Pop to of course, the main-framed Pop-Rock and New Wave soft tunes written and arranged there. 

   It’s like Mr. Palmer might having an affair to Diana Rose or other dark-skinned female singer as he appears on the side of the pool seeing the partner’s underwear and clothes scattered on the wet tiles as the soundtrack music play happy and not heavy but relaxing within the hit single Every Kinda People, Best of Both Worlds, Come Over, Love Can Run Faster, Night People onto You Overwhelm Me in the most romantic situation possible in the making background off the beats that invites the audience to dance slow and admiring the talents shown here and beloved for collections. 

Double Fun: