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Reality New (Bandcamp 2018)

   Experimental unique Melbourne, Australia by tempos in rock grungy to Alternative Pop likes suicidal boredom while writing songs and the intensive Geelong group’s consisted for Tyler O’Brien, Jack Massey, Tyson Harper and Jack Cherry naming themselves as Vintage Crop where New Age becomes their ultimate Punk-Rock anthems whereas your talents are stronger or worser but nobody can stopping anybody from expressing themselves here as the master editing of curious and ugly sounds to rock hard with makes you suddenly, trapped inside the good rhythmic a la The Hives compositions and version of the beginning through Introduction to Vintage Crop LP followed by American Living, Gerald Part 2, Polar and 4-3-2 onto Angry Little Boy as well as Friday glancing in between pure not too popular rocks and Room For Error makes the imperfections seemed to be exactly, entertaining like the globe advance stories forcing to shovel up your freaking consumerists mouth. 

New Age: