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Pris A la Gorge (Deadlight Entertainment 2017)

   Like a steamrolling closest to the chaotic Metal Hardcore mixed with Post-Metal Screamo and nearly, collaborating to Grindcore by tunes is the extremist metallic of consistent power-rage tools by massive grinds and several splits went back to illustrated the brilliant evolving influences wider scope as Black metal or Death Metal surfacing underground popularity of being targeting noisy as fuck comes perfect in the performance of Orleans – France’s Nesseria. 

   Have the meaning closer fatal destruction by natural cause might explains the album title chosen by the band Cette Erosion De Nous-Memes regarding the themes been choose to wrote down and more tales of lyrics following the arrangements of vast heavy Metal screaming tunes for emotional to atmospheric sided and emphasis to abrasive tendencies copulates within the bursts of extremity via Fortresse, Les Ruines, La Chasse Aux Ecureuils, On Prendra L’Habitude or Dans L’Ombre et Sans Visage controlling the marks of how painful and scarred lives one has been through with since childbirth to the old ages to beyond kilometers traveler and seminal slower tunes with hatred or depressions. 

And the world needs to be cleansing by rituals of extreme Heavy Metal music. 

Cette Erosion De Nous-Memes: