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Prick 777 (Head Records 2018)

   Velvet Revolver taste of rock chaos leads from the roots inland border off Guns N’ Roses divided by softer Pantera side’s special treatment in Chris Cornell black hole sun system but mixtures by thus clever riffs out of Stoner Rock band-ridden live by these French side-project from Reuno Wangermez, Jay Pinelli, Jerome Rinelli, Said Merqi to Xavier Cimino baptized as Mudweiser probably, not related closely for rhyming to Budweiser beer but it’s beer-drinking guitar punchy music anyway by order. Commanding the ears to head-bang following their stiff chords and tunes ballistic bursts grooves over Fairy Tale, Black Magic Priestess, Evil Twin and 7 Am Zombies as mine digger monster shown up out from nowhere ready to axed you up in the head and leave the thumping heavy Metal music on the stereo playing in solitude of death presence as one really feel fine for discovering this lesser-known products inside the useless stuff thrown by the critics of music media bias shitty talks telling us about who’s hip and who’s not. 
   Go breaking things in a backyard or torch your barnyard’s out for too much drinking and there’s no tomorrow really for you being such a bastard lawless and unemployment figure that left by your capitalistic friends and families. So Said The Snake not pretending to be disguised but truth reveals for one to take steps further and walk away from this boredom living but beer worshiping feels good to regret later. Actually, not the right moment of The Story of Joe Buck ballads this week …

So Said The Snake: