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Polisi Tidur (Independent 2017)

   May the Bandung boy-toys always remarkably creates their own marks on the national music scene as the development of that New Age meeting with the cheat-codes for Electronic that makes your pet-cat dancing like smiling looney to thecamera naked and not afraid freely is the managing total over the #Partiklab recording originally got your silly attentions as the sounds of neo-New Order and the Pop-tuning of Devo inspirations led for Tikus Atap (ceiling rats) these tracks that being written in local language as the smaller drinking and ballroom boring dance prom night never exactly, leaves good manners aftermath but making the conditions much much cooler to let yourself feel free and grab a passionate lonely girl around to go home with you since the small talks happening in between. 

   Slow softer and harmonic monotonous dance-floor sounds may constantly, ejecting the curiosity for asking the atmosphere all about information both inside and outside as Kami Datang Dari Kota (the big city kids coming to town), Bersemangatlah (cheer up mate), Konflik Asap (determines thus annual bush and deforestation burns around the country caused by el nino effects and creates massive regional air pollution), Song of Longing (feat. Cici Kelincik) or Ayo Piknik! (feat Terranova) and Hantu Mantan (ex-girl’s haunted phantom) might sounding too electrifying in their echoed voices singing onto the dead-beats kinda gothic polluting your head but you going to like it since.