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Pest 05:10 (Self-Released 2017)

   Very annoying itches when one being bitten several times by Bed Bugs and the limited familiar feelings seems to not coming up as red bite marks and irritation if you being listening to the album recording not the cretin small insects because you forgot to wash and replacing your sheets for a week or two. 

   Harris – the good calm musician and song-writer from Wellington, New Zealand probably, is your tremendous choice to have bringing his elegant performance to November ends while thus leaves finally, fell out and dried or slowly been covered by white snow and frozen temperatures gain more demands for warmth as this artistic cover drawing by Jonny Waters serving us the classic Folk-Pop in Alternative Lo-Fi sessions; carefully spreading intentions to recovery anyone’s soul as Indeed, Slug, Reddish-Brown, Sleep and Pillow Talk sparks romance to relationship kinds of modern meets rural atmosphere not because seeing the singer buried down up to his neck to fertilizing the process of regeneration of our planet’s soil with soft songs melodies. 

Bed Bugs: