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Paralysis Prayer (MaybeNot 2016)

   Better try better try and looking for tomorrow would be a gladly hearted wishes or commands for those whom about to ending themselves life in a such non-dignity suicidal must first stop and listening to this comparable light-popular and catchy tuning emergency marks from the golden kin related closest to Paul McCartney whom is his own son James Louis McCartney as the grown up British musician and song-writer following his father’s DNA on creating more mostly Pop-Rock tunes and gritty vocals like it’s a trademark of Paul in The Beatles and still continues within the freight train black dark fast and fully smoked; as this biological brother of Mary and Stella McCartney would make his parents proud hearing his steamroller contextual musical confessions here through - The Blackberry Train as cool groovy bashful but never extreme to the ears of public must be sounding playful on Alternative melodious charts on rocking tunes screaming in mid-tempo about Unicorn, Too Hard, Ballerina, Fantasy, Waterfall, Peyote Coyote and Peace and Stillness or Ring Ring O’ Roses that would stick your brain for the radish-dark pinky field forever taken off The Beatles silver years carbon-copied for this continuity next chapters written by James McCartney for himself build-up legacy.

The Blackberry Train: