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Over You Session (DV’s Records 2013)

   Without too many talents to shortening the essential rebellious straight goals on being sounded loudest and inspiring team to creates the blown hell explosive start-up take through Punk, Rock n’ Roll, Stoner and Noise Garage belongs to the genre of fast, simple and of course, not complicated but writing their honest harsh lyrics filled with protests to the entire surrounding world by cool style music would listening lovely as fuck in fury for these lesser-known crew band members off the Grunge/Punk-Metal and glam in balance quality as Spudgun had this releasing of their own on Automat-on album being the Bordeaux Punk scene affiliation like low-quality cartoon animation against marvel or DC but unites as rockers whose playing hard and irresistible to hear by all Punk lovers over seminal glamorous songs like Snakes on The Rock, Ginger Bastards, A Good Cycling Challenger is a Dead One and even She Called Me Dad or Rock Around a Pussy’s World emotionally predictable and responsive to make your dull days fully energetic again for the louder volume cranks !