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Out Of Service (Look Records 2008)

   Needing for super hero this week to accompanying your trip to the hell-hole town as the world outside blown up and burn but you and your family really in needs for someone to branding the safety spirits and productive Hip-Hop Indie and Rap Underground to sustains the upper level of the realm must be having this written, produced and performance of Grip Grand trying to save the day whether it’s giant earthquake hits California or the entire pacific goes swallowing the land but this is ani’t shit cause thus rhythms and bluesy parts to the funkiest and the modern charade charms in beats or Rn’B truce can really and equally make your disaster hour worth a listening by grab the album entitled Brokelore. 

   The mighty pill or pen-like figure as the pet of our masked rapper heroic comes opening for Showtime (That’s Entertainment), Win The War if there’s a battle started somewhere, Handle That to Tomorrow raising more eye-brows but yet surviving to the additional features of Richie Cunning, MF Shalem, DJ Design to Flip & Freeze within A Penny or the remix of Talk About It on 96 Tears, Out Of Service and Poppin’ Pockets delivers the devastation story no more instagram sessions to the new evolution views of people whom being saved by Hip-Hop Classic.

It’s a Normal-Core off Gabe Winogrond; Frisco-born and LA raised.