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One World (Vertigo 1985)

   Leading roles and former figures that making the facts that Dire Straits growing bigger since their first surfacing as the british group led by David and Mark Knofler with John Iilsley and Pick Withers and more addition names of musician calls for formation adding or changing which contains synthesizer/backing vocals Guy Fletcher, keyboardist Alan Clark, drummer Terry Williams to rhythm guitarists Jack Sonni or Hal Lindes as well as the touring session members such as percussionist Joop De Korte, saxophone player Mel Collins, Tommy Mandel, Phil Palmer and Paul Franklin makes their career worth a listening on music made collectively towards AOR-based and Classic Rock to Pop-Rock tunes that inspiring many listeners of the band’s audience while performing their tunes started from the first time back in the year of seventy-eight times. 

   Brothers In Arms leading the new role for Dire Straits to gain more attention in the eighties era where the New Wave controlling the most sides of culture but AOR never being left behind by its fanatic fans and adult-aging spectators and for that the music of Dire Straits kept on the power of mid-tempo ranging goes to create the flying guitar rhythmic and thread forum for melodies place spacing inside the track-lists. Harmony vocals to full beats makes classic recording even more high on quality as from So Far Away the opening song, Money For Nothing, Why Worry, Your Latest Trick, Ride Across The River as well as Walk of Life gets the trouble faces seems far away for the gaining force of AOR makes the radio stations loving them too and you shall realized that The Man’s Too Strong to stop here by disbanded or failure reunion since the effects of the recording means something sell right for everyone.

Brothers In Arms: