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Okie Doggy Daddy (Public House Recordings 2016)

   Experimental Noise Punk and Indie Rock with the cheating distortion from Grunge borrowed which completed this Chicago – Illinois trio of inventor for their credible strange musical project is Lillie West, Karla Bernasconi and Abby Black into recording and mixed and mastering this album consisting for eleven tracks under the supervised of Dave Vetteraino and the art by Anja Salonen; drawing things like abstract virtual of ugliness essential artworks but having high quality and prices if one should try to ask and buy in a auction about this one. Sleepyhead pleased to meet you guys and modern world wouldn’t really care a lot about this type of horrid recording even when the cover seems to have re-connecting to any older methods of paintings by experts listed as our dead painters legacy isn’t closing to the deliberation on how thus music talks for itself as number one opening track Exorcism do means a lot for protection like contraception pills or anything to stop your further destruction after sex and pregnancies or perhaps, Cool Party But Then We All Left also tells the two minutes and six seconds on the following theme before it Dream Song (dead) that sometimes not everything is possible but nothing also impossible makes your head blows to consuming kinds of philosophy strikes a hammer through the softer weird experiments grungy musical pleaser over this Lala Lala session based on the girls’ background thoughts sensitively smart and intuitively clever but aware- not like your fucking mother, truckers !