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Of The Anvil (MCA Records 1982)

   Producer/composer Basil Poledouris putting the full-length recording of orchestra/brass sections instrumental raising as well as the epic story struggles of Conan The Barbarian (staring Arnold Schwarzenegger) the son of a blacksmith Cimmerians whose being slaughtered along with his villagers community by the raiders of Thulsa Doom army as Conan mother decapitated as well while the children been taking as slaves working for a large mill until one day Conan turning to a muscular man before his adulthood training as gladiator offers countless winning as well the education of the east before being freed. 
Befriending the prophetic hut-witch Hyrkanian Subotai; Conan decided to entering Zamora city seeking for his revenge but then meet Valeria the female brigand becoming friends as they’re sneaking inside the tower of serpent escaping for loots as then being captured by King Osric as requested them to save his daughter being a zealot cult under Doom’s conquer leads Conan and friends sets for vengeance and conquest onto the temple of set. 
   The infiltration at first not being successful as Conan captured and crucified but discovered by Subotai and Valeria as being cured by Akiro the Mounds wizard to come back for the second round the ritual of cannibalistic orgy inside the temple of set – freeing the princess but unable engaging Thulsa Doom whose changing into a large snake and wounded Valeria badly as he slithered away. 
As his girlfriend dies and the blessing from Crom the god of his people by exploiting the terrain and booby traps on managing to slay Doom’s warriors before beheading his nemesis and burning down the filthy temple down as returning the princess back is the epic movie that you will always remember for the rest of your live. 
Soundtrack scoring of classical instrumental folkish-battle tunes of the ancient Europe tribal times like Wheel Of Pain, Theology/Civilization, Wifeing, The Search, Funeral Pyre and Atlantean Sword to Gift Of Fury marking the great quest and bloody battles against evil wicked clan of cult by an Orphans Of Doom/The Awakening from a weak child to a strongest man seeking his revenge successfully for the murdered parents and his past.