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Obstreperous Rain Blades (Frozen Grapes 2016)

   Lost for the good communication signals and plainly, being too disturbing quickening by those strange sounds effects from the other side of the wall barricade like one being placed inside the horrible refugee camps somewhere in the gaming land and must always being terrorized and intrigued by those manic blasts commotion of Electronic video-game music straight out off the sounds from Celebes island – Makassar to be exact here as King of Urban Fighters leads the opener song recording about the entire realm of Street Fighter being totally damage by strange disease infecting the system and collapsing memories of a better taming programs or Information is not Knowledge. Knowledge is not Wisdom. Wisdom is not Truth. Truth is not Beauty. Beauty is not Love. Love is not Music. Music is The Best (Frank Zappa – 1940/1993) coming like the inventing malfunction words capsules fell down back to earth from heaven centuries ago in about nine minutes and thirty-three seconds. 

   Terrify meeting with Dragon Eye or Pluggedin or even Jumping Into Hell and Mystery Box tells you and the audience that madness has taking over the virtual imaginary as stereo bow-down to the monotheistic false prophecy deals to the broken era sounds of the future in suffocation means nothing to describes here anymore. All that’s already can’t be fixed or cured will staying alive infected by the firmament invisibility built under VGM recording as the taste of sickness by Satan Loves Nintendo unit.