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New Orleans (Don Giovanni Records 2015)

   Missing what being lost on your ex-good-looking girlfriend at the high-school as your first crush seems like forever but times later erasing her images from your collection but one day came a struck simple name of Mel Blum through the night vale, musically love-able and deep there inside hearts saying is this her coming back to your life ? New Yorker short-haired butch on the stage show playing thus seminal Indie-Folk Pop Punk songs from her material works then makes you realize that the girl that you used to know now grown up and loving other girl’s smells and lips rather licking anything up but women’s vagina in her butch looks with engineer Danielle DePalma, Marissa Paternoster producing, bass player Audrey Zee Whitesides, Steph Barker on drums, guitarist Mal and Marissa as well Alex Clute on vocals. But don’t be too discriminating cause you still can be Mel Blum’s friends through this physical album releasing off You Look A Lot Like Me means for saving lives from depression and had rockish feeling or Indie folksyness expansion outdone by thus remarkable tunes of favorites and wiser lyrics written following the listing tracks like Better Go!, Robert Frost, Cool Party, Archive, Split Splitting and Reality TV and Better Than I Was to The Shrink Thinks has gorgeously, tells the small audience of the world that you can’t judging people for their sex orientation anymore this millennium and the future world.

You Look A Lot Like Me: