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Network News Spirit (Es Paranza Records 1993)

   Comes for the epic momentum since his stirring career away of the days in golden era of the legendary Zeppelin cannot stops how we want to or don’t need to listening for more of Robert Anthony Plant “rocker gold standard” voice for thus drifting legends and tales from the middle earth books and ancient background follows as his solo personal albums still can give a non-pretending thoughts shares just like this one as caught in the middle of an era changes about Alternative Rock, Grunge and Rap music but honesty too strong to avoid and forged by the strength to carry on off himself with song-writing skills and veteran singing solidify abilities means that Fate of Nations won’t be thus acoustic Pop-Rock regular record. The melting planet earth shows the next generation how Calling To You echoed the alarming messages tells us about the environmental issues through the native American eyes seeing as well as Down To The Sea even though romance and mystical beliefs still gone tougher within this album insider and more magic reveals from Robert Plant’s distinctive voices cracking the silence for this sixth. 

   Eastern-tinged strings arrangements or vibes of Hard Rock and world music blends must be an interesting facts among the intros and opening tunes introducing the soft loving song via Come Into My Life romantically fine but as well keeping the legacy of his Led Zeppelin alive along with the courageous track and radio hits single 29 Palms did the story-telling about fame and fortune and faded away in a circle whispering sound of your car driving afternoon memory supposed to be a chilling attentions for listening the entire songs like Colours of a Shade, Promised Land and The Greatest Gift in between your Sunday twilight before midnight or the gone back home bus with regrets and homesick feelings combines. 

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Fate Of Nations: