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Miracle Man (Nightmare 2006)

   Gerard Fois and Christophe Offredi as well as Nicolas Jeanpierre to Sebastian Vibert or Alexandre Stelinni releasing their second offers within this album challenge for Heavy Metal France progressive scene producing Under The Sign Of Will that means as many epic roaming and high pitched tunes glaring your stereo system as comforts as head-banging by the bash tempos and mid-standard writing sessions above thus high techniques collective grouping performance over Eternal Flight’s ten songs blasts. 
The Forgotten Side, Dark Society, Edge Of Fire, Deaf Dumb Blind to Next Ones On The List really forcing the listeners of the old school loving ears trying to find epic Heavy Metal forms might found it on this group as Power Metal Ghost (With A Different Soul) comes again marking its existence still for the uncertainty times bringing The Curse.

Under The Sign Of Will: