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Math Swallow (Helen Scarsdale Agency 2018)

   Synth-Wave blighted Electronic handful of technique development from the Goth Avant-Garde propulsive spines of female sexuality sending messages written by oneself as Bloom Offering clandestine and aught void presents with Seattle’s girl Nicole Carr project penned the gazing motifs or resolute disdain on political evokes sculpting dark-eyed melodies and anthems of cathartic whipcrack throttled declarative on mourns and wicked depression like spoken dying soul leads your ears to be tortured for trap figures and dry flowers picture having the meaning of it all via his Post-Industrial, surrealist and caustic minimal Dream-Pop dreads or noises existential of vacancy flown though Episodes album.

   Californian deadly taste gets through for astounding sharps drainage of emotions maintain like groundswell secret ritual on Post-Weinstein paranoia theory banger and rage of the feminine brains and feelings. You shall get too arouses while listening to serious for this suicidal sensual record. 

PS. Imperfect Absence, Out 2 Get U, Venus Shrugged or Fishbowl sounded too familiar for a payback revenge of psychotic, don’t you think ?