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Macaroni (Slovenly/Mondo Mongo 2018)

   The wealthy naysayers or the scabbie-nuts politicians can kiss the stinky butts of these seminal Pop-Punk rockers hailing themselves out of Florence and Italian scene of The Ramones fanatic fans never seems like other places reduced in years but develops even if it means that you just copying the trademarks and thus blueprints of three chords formation for Fabio Ghiribelli and Luca Cascino singing and jumping pogos into Garage Rock and Lo-Fi monotone vocals but never being caged like the front cover of 100 Shots mini album through the EP entitled - Cento Shot having Soldi and Dai Gas E Spilla. 

   They’re actually, smiling for thus the protesting lyrics they’ve wrote and the grosser going steady singled as The Dirtiest never letting down the stage while blazing the non-prosperity images of the rebels. 

Cento Shot EP: