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Little Sorrell (Parts Unknown Records 2005)

   Fouled not been fooled and crushing crackling sounds off the distortions clashing with the drumming bash-emotions mixtures the blends on Brad Fry, Matt Kosloff, Randy Huth to Sean McGuiness forming the Pissed Jeans not reasoning for thus embarrassing moments when you need to hold yours in a proper place but as dilemma ordinary people musicians and hopeless thoughts unites to writings some materials evolves enough to dominates the Noise Hardcore Punk Rock gratification wickedly, for fire-backed their Allentown, Pennsylvania basic Rock n’ Roll patched to Thrash Core or Grunge as this power-dirge motherfuckers may sounded similar closer to those North Carolina’s swamp people bands or the rednecks project rather than modern Grunge rocks. 

Shallow being re-mastered by the quartet that incentivized ripping glass within big pile and mud thrown reflecting the screamo Ashamed of My Cum, Closet Marine and even Throbbing Organ kills the quietness of Wachovia.