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Lemon Time Gonna Song (TVT Records 2000)

   Double live recording albums that actually, captures the relevant idealistic story around it which cannot really be told drowning under the hysteria mass of spectators audience whose felt more than alive on watching the eye-witness off Live At The Greek: Excess All Areas is the commencing seminal epic career boosts perhaps for both figures here the legendary Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page collaborates with The Black Crowes (the American natives rockers) fluttering their intentional blends of sounds and effects through a one hundred and eleven minutes and six seconds play the stage. 

Recording live in October at the Los Angeles Greek Theater with Le Mobile recording facilities and blasting your favorable Blues Rock and Hard Rock and Southern Rock mixes to the following legendary set-lists of tracks from the mighty Zeppelin itself, B.B King to other bluesy tunes picks as local and international listeners would appreciates them contemporary rocking. 

   Two discs filled with Celebration Day as Chris Robinson goes outage the harmonica performance addition sounding fantastic, the rowdy Custard Pie following by Sick Again and What is and What Should Never Be almost wraps the hot tension brought by the concert as well as recaptures within this album. 

For the Crowes fans there are also their tunes combines for the shows with Uncle Jimmy dealing the guitar solo performance too like Shapes of Things, Sloppy Drunk, Oh Well, Shake Your Money Maker and even Mellow Down Daisy as more Zeppelin track-legends owning the performance with Whole Lotta Love, Out on The Tiles or Hey Hey What Can I Do given the crowds one of the best shows by far in pretty much grooves eruption in every tracks ! 
Produced well by Kevin Shirley.