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La Burbujita (Independent 2005)

   San Jose, Costa Rica teaming group not tamed but bewildering as Punk Rock crew-rebels brawl their totally fast music seminal catchy and drunken off the blending parts between Ska-Punk to Rock N’ Roll like Rancid’s grandsons breeding on figures of Christian Montero (guitars/lead vocals), Moritz Fernandez (drums), Diego “Dr. Mengueche” Mora (bass/chorus) and Rolando Borel (guitars/backing vocals) pulling teeth and force the volume louder for the excitement performance from Ufo! band releasing their red and white background bomb dropping over En La Mira Del Mismo Canon (Crosshair in The Same Canon) might go explodes with the interesting protester or daily story attached to bad romance or just liking someone and you might be having those same conditions one day right ? Don’t worry because Punk Rock always got their interpretations on no future means getting better today and making things offensive is living life along by No Quiero, Catra Al Medio Oriente, Deber De Olvidar or Esta Razon did.

En La Mira Mismo Canon: