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Keys (Bandcamp 2015)

   Exceeded hyped groovy in Hard-Rock meets Grunge collaborations and Southern-dirty fringed of Rock sounds as heavy like the youthful living of Corrosion of Conformity shouldering how the listeners will appreciates the Heavy Metal recommendation blows in cobwebs to great songs written by these five-piece of England-UK’s Stoner Rock riffs named Loft consisting for Rob Summers on vocals, Denn Leavy to Bob Barnes on guitars, Phil Rollason on bass guitar to Tats McGee as mastered by John Cornfield really recommended for those whom about to saluting rock music forever and never betraying the scene as Empires truly, caught most of the thing you ever needed to emerge and bursting in sudden as screaming vocals and grooves attentions caught the main big interests to those guitar-lovers for head-banging via Fade To Grey, Maker, Ghosts and Colour Blue sounding independently, by the fury of good old southern rock metallic presentations by the late kin of Lynyrd Skynyrd making love to the Evil Woman as the ex-lover of Ronnie Dio breeding the bastard sons whom sounded fucking amazing here to be the real opponent for rivalry against Alterbridge and co !