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Juniper Jennifer (Epic 1968)

   Looking like a troubadour prince from the land beyond your imagination as effecting others including the serial killers many years after is this Donovan Philips Leitch songs over the recording number tenth of himself as Donovan officially, a Scottish singer/song-writer and guitarist bringing the outside dimension of Psychedelic Rock and Country Pop from the green grass pond of mysterious nowhere in an opener track of Classics legend The Hurdy Gurdy Man for the world to be confused on hearing the hums meaningless but greater by the provision lyrics sending messages about the extinction overpopulation towards our exploding exploitations upon mother earth. Followed by Peregrine to The Entertaining of a Shy Girl as well as As I Recall It, Get Thy Bearings to West Indian Lady felt not too best being ignored solving the bridge of popular Folk one man show in a very softer crazy way to sing slow and little bit popular story-teller for his age. 

Won’t you also ignoring the lost messages written in the stones and stars that inspiring this man to make such a great recording in his career ? 

   For the truth in fact, those rhythmic sessions and background aspirations taken from the eastern tinged traditions would giving us a better perspective under the influences of druggy decades there and several more beyond reach. 

The Hurdy Gurdy man: