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Jimmy Miller Ballad (Diablo/Jungle 2012)

   If The Vandals come late off their golden years on influencing the entire Skate-Rock and Emo-Punk heydays they’re might be returning or incarnates as the Dublin-based Psychobilly band called Guitar Slingers and the composition might be changed to Andy Kandil, Bruno Malo, Craig Eriksson and Phillip Doyle quartet as the fourth releasing album shows you the better fast mid-tempo and high skills for Surf-Psychobilly tunes to perverting the air while playing there on Adios Amigo mentioned the secular loving for The Ramones retirement housing off Texas or new Mexico towns as well. Fits for Halloween or other freaky occasions to listening for; the band plays a bit rushy hushy and terribly faster to gain energy from the crowds to stomping or dance funny following the tracks written here such as I Fell Psycho, One More Shot?, Drunken Matador, Rattlesnake and Bonebreaker meant to be bewildered to the skin-crawling moments rocking your swampy black magic stripper bar next to the loch where there’s a folklore about giant beast coming ashore to feasting for nude virgin babes offering by the Celtic tribe as ancient thanksgiving. 

Adios Amigo: