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Insanity Party Beach (Diablo Records 2016)

   For the depth of festivals attendance from Strawberry Fair Festival to magazine featured on Viva Le Rock or Street Sound and even for regulars Cambridge band scene are their territorial to piss and to entertains as these hot-rods from Toronto describing yet made fits onto b-movie tarantino style is The Von Nitros release album Gasoline. With Adz Bond on vocals, Rod Taft on drums, Nick Clarke on guitars, Lee Smith on bass and Rob Poyton on organ completing the formation for giving you a big band of Surf-Garage Punk revival wall of sounds here as written tracks by most of them in managing combine ideas of themed freeing the non-gap between regular show audience and the drunk-souls for listening and spanking each other via thus full grabs of ghost-rider’s Garage and Surf-Rock to fantastic Rockabilly songs about all bad habits and hobbies infected you just like Beatnik, Ghoul Injected, Pack of Cigarettes, Landslide, Confrontation or Burnt To Dust and as well leaving the smoke screen to your rear window – driving behind them gassing and arming with melodies catchy to rhythmic dancing ready for finding asses !